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In Memory of Nichole Coats

"I Haven’t been able to get any rest since this all happened.” —Sharon Maria Coats (mother). 360 reports the news of the colleague & friend.

Nichole Coats

First Nichole Coats, Then Maleesa Mooney. Will there be a third? According to various media sources, this is eerily coming across as a serial killer.Both victims possess similar complexions, facial features, and occupations. To add to the speculation, they both lived within a mile of each other in the DTLA area.

A close colleague informed 360® creative, Armon Hayes, of Nichole’s passing, which alerted him to this heinous crime.

In disbelief, “OMG! OMG. It’s hard to believe what I just read. The person I worked with and modeled for a campaign was found dead in her apartment. Mangled, bruised, and unrecognizable!?… I was wondering why she was so heavy on my mind. It’s been years since we worked together. Actually, last I heard, she relocated to LA to be close to family after the pandemic.”

Coincidentally, these two models were consecutively discovered dead in their flats. Nichole Coats (32) on Sept 10 and shortly Maleesa Mooney (31) Sept 12. Days apart, both women’s deaths occur within miles of each other.

Witnesses reported that she had gone on a date two days before her discovery. Due to lack of communication, her family made the decision to conduct a wellness check.The LAPD Detectives have already determined that Mooney’s case is a homicide.


Authorities are convinced that the two deaths could be linked because the two young ladies lived in close proximity and were of the same age.

Still in disbelief, “I touched her arm, and she was like stone,” states her father, Guy Edward Coats Jr.Nichole’s untimely death has caused fear among close friends and family.

Our representative recalls photographing her for the AOHOSA Bespoke Beret campaign at The Bronx Bodega.

“At the time, I worked at the True Religion flagship across from Barclays as a GM, and Nikki and I worked in tandem. She had just moved to Manhattan and was spreading her wings. A large city full of life! Shining her light wherever she landed,” he stated. A brief silence. He continues, “I am deeply affected by the news of Nichole [Nikki] Coats and send my condolences to her loved ones. I will never forget her smile.”






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