Owens Protest tax

As of late, conservative Candace Owens released a pot stirring rant video on Youtube of her perspective on Black issues in America. Now the focal point of black issues, the wrongful death of George Floyd which sparked outrage across the nation. Becoming the largest civli right's protest to date. Ms.Owens shared thought provoking ideologues of blackness and denounce that police and race issues exist. She further supports her elitist agenda with stats and statistics to justify a death of a man who can be considered a career criminal. I stand with Gofundme on removing her account in response to her recent comments.

By now, the world knows Mr. Floyd had a history of challenges. Are there no second chances in life? Consider, that your past determined how you should and would die. The officer knelling on George subsequently killing him also shared a colorful past, including blood on his hands from a prior incident. Solution numero uno, if you want to help the black community and "Make American Great Now.” Consider a bill for officers with bad behavior be removed and discipline. As the world has witnessed the sickening displays on S