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"Normalcy" and the idea has Activated emerging Entrepreneurs and brands to thrive in the NEW WORLD ORDER.-AOHSOA

As of late state officials have extending the lock down in cities like Los Angeles and New York Until mid-June or July. Across the globe continues to be threatened by COVID-19. Many Junctures uncertain, frantic and desperate for "normalcy" and the idea has Activated emerging Entrepreneurs and brands to thrive in the NEW WORLD ORDER. States and BUSINESSES around the worlds are re opening, the choice to live or work is caught in the balance.

One thing for sure, A balance of power between digital is prominent Than ever when working from home is the norm. Inspired by life's unexpected reset, and an instinct to inspire Ace of Haze Style of Ace rebrands with a unique capsule collection live-work. A curated assortment, designed with authenticity and accessibility. Archived Thought provoking graphics give voice to the mouth piece for Visuals shot and selected by Armon Hayes.

In doin so birthed a new offering for the brand Home-Living. The Hooded blanket considered to be the bath time Snuggie suitable for any home.

"What we wear impacts how you feel, Also PERCEPTION" - AOHSOA

The live-work capsule breathes empowerment and most of all hope. For instance the "beanstalk racer back dress" symbolizes the fruit of your labor. Figuratively depicting planting seeds is necessary to harvesting your goals, especially in times such as today. The art represents a young girl basking in the umbrella of her successful crop. Digitized illustration of butterfly's and sunflowers landscape the graphic. Visuals from photographer felix. "fmmshotme" are also included in the initial drop of the Live-Work capsule.

Eight items including a custom protective face mask, in particular made for Vaughn Lowery . salvaged from a vintage Gucci belt bag and scraps of fabric repurposed per request. The "back to the future" sweatshirt of drop II symbolizes perspective, Looking to the future. a depiction of the machinery used in the iconic movie Back to the future featuring Michael j. fox. Dreaming we all had a vehicle of telepathic power to cruise into better days and new versions of ourselves. The brands gender-fluid audience has responded overwhelmingly to the "Life" Sweatshirt. A quote from the late American novelist and activist James Balwin A message resonating with all "Trust life in joy and sorrow, and it will teach you all you need to know."


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