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Nothing Accidental about fashion

Now more than ever, fashion is increasingly respected. More than a winner of the "best dressed contest" in high school, but a vehicle merely transformed to a industry of intentional cultural leaders. As of late, the overwhelming support in protective mask demonstrated that impact is the intent.

Lyn Slyster
Lyn Slater

Inspired to make the world what she wants. Lyn Slater influencer and Fordham University professor, shares her authentic perspective through her platform and collaboration with Go Daddy. Bringing characters to life from her Instagram page to her iconic lifestyle shots in NYC. She defies what it means to get older. Before the Pandemic, in February I had the pleasure of meeting the "Accidental Icon" on assignment for 360 magazine. A Guest speaker for Parsons deigns students project "YOUNG TALENTS" held at Dreems a launch pad for new designers.

Armon Hayes and Lyn Slater
Dreems X Young Talents

Truly inspired by the interaction and presence of this Ordinary women who lives an interesting life. Proving it’s never to late to start ! As an entrepreneur, her journey has challenged me to ask myself the question of intent and confidence to be authentic.


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