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Naima Mora

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop and Hispanic Heritage Month, we produced this FASHION ROCKS SEPTEMBER ISSUE in The Bronx at BODEGA.

TEDx Alum NAIMA MORA + Cornell Grad VAUGHN LOWERY cause a ruckus at the culmination of New York Fashion Week with epic 360 MAGAZINE cover.

Cycle 4 WINNER Naima Mora hosts Next Frontier in Fashion during NYFW, and 360® media partner/publisher decides to capture iconic cover in less than 3.5 hours.

Who’s the celebrity photographer!?

The beloved dancing Joe Boxer Guy and CYCYLE 6 guest star and the male model who kissed Nnenna Agba episode.

FORMER NEXT MODEL NEWLY SIGNED BRIGADE ARTIST and award-winning journalist with international clout.

Executive Producer/Supermodel Tyra Banks must be feeling ‘fierce’ after witnessing two Detroit natives break down the underground art scene in the Motor City as well as further discuss ‘Model Behavior‘ + Culture on an informative yet heartfelt 45-min 360 MAG podcast (Steve Aoki, available on all major platforms.

This marks a first as an iconic moment in pop culture as the TWO step into their forefathers’ fabulousity to put an end to generational curses: Mora’s grandfather is a world renowned muralist Francisco Mora, while Lowery is the grandson of the late Rev Joseph E Lowery who swore in President Barack Obama as well as a recipient of his Medal of Freedom.

What’s next for Tedx Talk Mora? Recently signed to State Mgmt and plans to pivot into a full-time acting career.

And Lowery? Will continue his family’s legacy in pursuit of a more equitable global society. At this time, he’s a globally praised automotive journalist, travel writer, and author of Move Like Water x Be Fluid (Amazon, Walmart

360®, a respected design journal, is an NGLCC-CERTIFIED enterprise.


Leading pioneer of edgy fashion editorials.


talent: Naima Mora

Hair: Angela Lynn-Ware

Creative: Armon Hayes


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