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MiniBoom"Champagne Moments"

Imagine unknowingly producing a beat for one of the most buzzed-about diss tracks, only to realize it fit the bill when the single surfaced online? that’s exactly what just happened to MiniBoom, son of director Benny Boom. Initially creating the track in hopes to collaborate with Rick Ross, MiniBoom’s plans fell through. However, Undeterred, he sent the track to Ross anyway.

Champagne Moments

As of late, this past weekend, MiniBoom woke up to Ross dropping a single titled “Champagne Moments,” aimed at international star Drake. The track quickly went viral, sparking newfound interest in MiniBoom’s upcoming projects. Ross has since released the track on all major digital platforms.

At just 16 years old, MiniBoom is one of the youngest producers making waves in the industry. He’s excited to announce his album, “Detonate,” set to drop Memorial Day weekend via Vydia/Gamma. The album features collaborations with artists like Billy BDave EastFivio ForeignConway the MachineThe GameATL Jacob, and more.


About MiniBoom:

MiniBoom, a 16-year-old multi-faceted producer, is already making significant strides in his career. Born to award-winning director Benny Boom, MiniBoom is carving his own path in the music world. With notable placements on Busta Rhymes recent ELE2 albumFivio Foreign’s upcoming project, and a new R&B single with Serena Smart, 2024 holds great

promise for this teenage sensation.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in New York’s Lower East Side, MiniBoom began crafting beats at age 11. His talent caught the attention of producer Steven on the beat and Roc Nation super producer Jahlil Beats, who supplied him with drum kits to fuel his creativity. Currently, MiniBoom is working on various projects under the BoomLife Media / We Got Bucks banner, collaborating with artists like LAX, Shyy Cloudd, Lil Zombie, and continuing his work with singer Serena Smart. Embracing spontaneity and fun in his creative process, MiniBoom looks forward to further collaborations and earning plaques along the way.


To listen to "Champagne Moments" click: HERE


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