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Pop culture and design shapes the global perspective. The highly anticipated venture with 360 Magazine and Creative Director Armon Hayes birthed through a rebranding during Lockdown. A embodiment of coming out not how you went in. A capsule leading with love and embodiement of hope, the media publication and special assignment editor collaborate on a gender neutral 4 piece offering which includes 26 color palettes in an inclusive size run. Available in athletic and slim blocks, crafted from ultra cotton. Excellent quality prints adds statement to a casual elegant appearance. These products are a fashion statement to anyones workout or everyday routine. The ultimate item in every active persons wardrobe, the #FML capsule now available oN is a direct reflection of 360 X AOHSOA audience, true to each brands street fashion aesthetic they are celebrated for.

360 Magazine presents new wave brands, entities and trends to tastemakers within their respective global communities, while also representing a movement of social awareness and change. So relevant to a partnership and time in history for black businesses to unify and solidify its presence within the market and industry we lead.


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