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Black Lives, America's Acessory

Recent events in America regarding African Americans and people of color have flooded our hearts and timelines. The reach of technology and social media has exposed systemic racism and police brutality in real time. Far from an urban legend, the most recent death of George Floyd has impacted the nation. Black and brown lives have been diminished to hashtags, retweets and a conversation that requires immediate action. Black people are hunted and stripped of human decency like Ahmaud Arbery. We are well on our way to become endangered species with every killing and injustice upon bias represents yet another tally mark for America's Next Top White Supremacist.

The list of Black lives lost at the hands of police brutality is a reminder that America isn't "Great again". To live in a world where hoodies, race, and Skittles are threats, proves it's more than fear that law enforcement is famous for as a defense to target specific lives. A black man, Christian Cooper was criminalize by the "White privilege” of Amy Cooper. A women in New York City's Central Park who weaponized her race to inflict leverage and death on a man whom she deemed had no authority to request she leash her dog. So tell me, What's going on in the world today? I'll tell you, the America we call home inherited its Forefathers pathology of inequality swept under the rug in the Oval Office.

What do the people of a society do when that very society has looted against them, habitually ? Appropriating Black culture for profit while performing modern day lynchings. Imagine, as a black gay man, neither did I have a choice in making however I'm proud. Through awareness and in celebration black art is brought to the forefront of AOHSOA recent release. Art imitates life, As Creative Director it's crucial to reflect how the world is feeling. That said, “What you wear makes you feel” the brands proposition. In acknowledgement and speaking in solidarity, post Black Out Tues I ask you to start with your families, friends and the people you spend the most time with on how you can/will amply the black experience.


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