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Pressure225 "To Die For"

A refreshing perspective and distinctive voice emerges thru the rubble of battle rap. The sound of no regrets, leaving it all on every track.- Armon Hayes  

“To Die for “, The follow up to his EP Jesus released early last year was the interlude to this complex artist story. Rapper, Pressure225


released his visual debut."I Give You Everything" Creatively directed by Ezru The Bronx native in the momentum of his victory as HOT97’s Top shelf freestyle winner. A love child of the Harlem battle rapper Loaded Lux with a 16 battle rap catalogue of his own. Pressure, the episode 4 champ spit his way to the top with wit and cadences of a budding force in Hip Hop. Like his name, applying continuous pen force on or against any opponent he’s in contact with. Animated in his performance. My first encounter with Pressure225 at SOBS, working closely with the new artist for his performance. Having shared his stage with servers acts by far was the headliner, captivating audience’s. I caught up with the lyricists for a Q&A for 360 magazine.

What new project/s are you working ?

Currently finishing my new EP titled “To Die For”. Every time i say the title it feels off to be real, but its a story. You would have to tune in to understand the concept behind it. I try to make all my projects based on a theme and this one made me dig deeper than any of the other projects I worked on. To try and summarize, its about letting go of what you love, in my eyes its music. “Is this something I love where the sacrifice is worth the reward?” Ive been working on this so long, the stress of the independent grind I just had to ask myself, is it to die for? Listen in and it will translate deeper. 

What inspired your new music/new video “I give you everything ?”

“I give you everything” This goes back to the theme in the music. Its a revolving door behind the questions I have for my passion. Its almost like my insecurities speaking. I also felt like many people can relate. How much of myself can I give to the craft before I fall down. I wrote the song in 20 minutes and it was the first song I recorded with the homie @madamixes. Ive always recorded my own projects but this time I felt I needed to give that responsibility to another ear. It worked out and behind taking the opportunity I learned so much about new recording in the streaming era. 

The video was shot by @ezrugonalez, to be honest we had no big plan, it was like a run and gun video that he made work. His vision behind the camera is crazy. We shot it in dumbo Brooklyn. Ezru gave the direction and I gave the performance. 

How do you respond to critics who treat battle rap not as a mainstream vehicle ? 

I love battle rap. Battle rap is the purest form of rap. Its raw and performed in one shot, It doesn’t get more real than that. There are big time battlers who make 70-80k a battle. Thats  a 9 minute performance done in three rounds. I wouldnt say battle rap is not mainstream yet but big leagues like @urltv who are backed by the likes of Drake and major players are definitely taking it there. If you come up in battle rap it can open gates to new opportunities for sure.

Describe your music in one word ?


As episode 4 winner of Hot 97’s Top shelf, what are your biggest takeaways?

Networking is key. Listen and learn from the people you meet, take advantage of the rooms you are in. I met some  good people behind the scenes who handed me game I hold on till this day. When I get my shot for @funkflex freestyle I will show out for sure lol

Artist you hope to collaborate with ? 

Dream list is very New York. Jadakiss, Fab, Nas, but if we are talking more active I’d say J Cole, Kendrick, I really like Griselda Records, Westside gunn, Conway and Benny bringing rap back to NY. 

How has quarantine life been for you as a new independent artist?

As an independent all we ask for is free time to work on the craft. We as a whole have never been in this predicament. For myself I can say I took advantage of that time. I am more aware of the steps I need to take on my journey. Made some investments and now we are looking to drop the projects I worked on during quarantine. 

What are your thoughts on rap culture seemly more inclusive ?

Its a love hate thing. I love the fact it has come this far. I hate the moments I step back and know when its begin patronized. Im a guest in Hip Hop, it saved me, I will always be on the frontlines to keep this culture growing. 

Who are your Top 5 Rappers ? And why

I dont have a top 5. Its the age old question and im so deep into rap my mood changes too much to pick 5. I have three that will always remain, thats Jay Z, Big, and Nas but I may change that later.