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COVID Fashionable

With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and the shortfall of supplies and equipment for healthcare workers and beyond is unprecedented. In this time of uncertainty New Yorkers and the globe at large are dependent upon community and government. Leaders like Michael Costillo, Christian Siriano and GAP just to identify a few put purpose to action lending their resources and efforts to impact the scarcity in protective mask. We all are performing our part in some capacity. As of late, stylist/designer Armon Hayes (Jonahaze) created a protective mask for 360 Magazine’s Vaughn Lowery. Not your typical medical face mask, It was derived from Gucci fabric from a vintage belt bag with velcro stone wash denim straps. Designed out of necessity, fashionable protection is sweeping the market. The idea of a protective mask part of our normalcy allows for creativity and finding the joy in these times of discord and uncertainty.


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